Project overview

Client: Scenic UK
Location: 4 Piccadilly Place, Manchester
Project size: 8068 sq ft
Timescale: 6 weeks

Cost savings on a high-end finish

On this CAT B project, we not only produced a very sleek look and finish to reflect the client’s luxury market, we did it while saving money for them. We also worked to a very short timeframe as Scenic was eager to expand into new surroundings before the New Year. This involved careful management to facilitate rapid progress without adversely affecting visitors or occupants of the building’s many other offices.

Working closely with Scenic, we created an open plan office space, a large boardroom, various-sized cellular offices, meeting rooms and breakout spaces. And also installed bespoke kitchens to accommodate up to 120 people.


What They Say

Spacescape did a first-rate job for us. We had a challenging move-in date, and they rose to the occasion ensuring we moved in on time and on budget ... Would be happy to recommend them.
— Colin Downing, Managing Director UK, 
Scenic Group