Project overview

Client: AO
Location: Parklands, Bolton
Project size: 19,490 sq ft
Timescale: 11 weeks

Complex finishes and a tight timeline

This project had an immovable deadline, with 192 employees relocating to the space in early January. Various changes to the design and finishes challenged the schedule, but we escalated works over Christmas to ensure completion on time while maintaining high quality standards.

Other challenges included multiple bespoke finishes, which involved careful consideration of the detail and the relationship between materials. We also had to manage the restrictions of working alongside the CAT A contractor completing their own works. And we collaborated with IT to integrate specialist power and data requirements, and installed standout elements such as feature lighting and artificial green walls.


What They Say

Once again our decision to employ Spacescape surpassed previous expectations! Their enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the project resulted in the successful delivery of our latest head-turning working environment. Despite tight deadline pressures, Spacescape utilised their proficient on and off-site management to ensure the scheme was completed in accordance with the programme whilst exceeding their already high work standards.
— Amy Lucas, Project Manager, AO